Step-By-Step Guide To Ensure Your Photo Is Good Enough For Engraving And Requesting a Proof.


No Screenshots please

If you cannot upload your image, follow these instructions:
Once you place your order you will receive an order #.
You can email your digitized picture, in jpeg, gif, tiff, bmp or wmf formats to [email protected].
Please reference your order # when you email/mail us the picture.
Of course the original will be returned with your completed memorial.

Choosing a Photo For Your Memorial:

When selecting a photo to be engraved keep in mind some simple rules to guarantee the best duplication possible. Though poor photos can be manipulated to engraved keep in mind some simple rules to guarantee the best duplication possible. Though poor photos can be manipulated to some degree in our softwarsome degree in our software, we recommend that you follow these simple rules to avoid unsatisfactory results.

  1. Whenever possible, choose a photo that is sharp and in focus. Blurry or out of focus pictures will result in poor reproduction.
  2. Never select washed out photos with little or no contrast. Photos with high contrast will allow for best results.
  3. Since we use digital technology for reproduction, our preferred media are digital files. We suggest never sending original, one-of-a-kind photos unless you have no choice. Please scan or take the photo to Fedex, Staples or any office store and have it scanned on a CD or e-mailed to us directly to [email protected]. Photos taken from digital cameras or scanned from the original are ideal.
  4. If you require a proof for specific requirements (taking out the background, dog head only, or full body shot)  or specific text sizes please let us know asap so we can create a proof.Otherwise our artist will create at their discretion the best possible result.

Tips For Scanning Photos:

Correct scanning of your selected photo is integral to the quality of your finished memorial. Read these tips before you get started:

  1. Always scan the image in color mode. Color images will create more contrast than scanning in grayscale mode.
  2. Select the correct resolution. Once the area of the photo is selected, you can adjust your size and the resolution of your photo. Select a minimum resolution of 200 dpi with a maximum 300 dpi. If possible save as a TIFF, BMP, or JPEG file.

Sending Your Scanned Photo:

Once your photo is scanned, you can send it to us in a variety of ways. To save time and expense, e-mailing your photo is the preferred choice.

If this is not possible, copy file to disk or burn to CD and mail to us at:
401 E. 4th Street Building # 2
Bridgeport, PA. 19405.

Send attention: Art Department and mark on envelope: PHOTO.

Our e-mail address is [email protected]. Feel free to call us at 1-800-873-7387 for directions.